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There is a way in which school murals can connect with teachers and students like no other channel. Maybe it is due to their cautiously selected photos, tailored texts or bold colours used. Or it could be the design quality, perfect messages or the premium materials used. Regardless of the reason, school mural paintings are quite popular for the institutions with messages to share.

School murals offer a superb platform for reinforcing school aspirational vision, school beliefs and ethos. They can also be used in echoing the teaching models and leadership tools that vary from one school to another. Murals can also capture the school’s extracurricular activities. For instance, a mural can showcase your volunteering projects, creative community or charity work. Other attributes that can be captured in this platform include pupil inclusivity, wellbeing or mental health. Below are some other ways in which schools benefit from school mural paintings.

Celebrating Inclusivity and Diversity

One of the top methods of showing learners that they belong to an inclusive, diverse and caring society is by use of a school mural. As the saying goes – pictures are worth a thousand words. Thus, rather than saying that your institution embraces everyone no matter what they believe in or their background, just paint a mural. Using images with children of all appearances, ethnicities, genders and abilities will put the point across way better.

This will in turn make the pupils express themselves better and freely without fearing judgement. In the long run, the murals will inspire acceptance and unity since the images will be engraved in the minds of the learners as they walk pat them in-between lessons, when arriving in schools and during lunch hour breaks.

Reinforcing School Beliefs

Murals are a perfect platform for sharing values of any school. Most learning institutions ask for bespoke values boards murals for their walls. This is a kind of mural that captures the institution’s ethos and values, usually alongside their logo and branding. This is perfect for shared spaces like the reception area, break out areas, classrooms, the office and halls.

Improving the Wellbeing of Pupils

It’s the responsibility of schools to take all necessary steps in improving the general wellbeing of their pupils. There are so many children who suffer from depression. The teachers spend most time with these kids than their parents. They therefore can spot the onset of depression or other changes in the children over time. Murals will come in handy in creating a positive, peaceful and calm environment for kids. Studies have it that exposure to nature images has a positive impact on mental health. Therefore, murals that feature landscapes, trees, wildlife and flowers can greatly improve the wellbeing of pupils.

Inspiring Learning

There are certain academic benefits of school mural paintings. There are designs that feature particular subjects. For instance, some designs capture a history timeline, literacy theme or scientific arts and these help pupils become familiar with key faces and facts that are part of the curriculum. Owed to seeing these murals on a daily basis, the info will become very memorable to them. This way, the mural will be a learning aid for the children.

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