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Janitorial or custodial services involve cleaning of public places like buildings, schools, shopping malls, etc. The common things that people find in these places are trash and dirt, which need to be cleaned daily. janitorial services mainly include day-to-day simple cleaning jobs, while residential office cleaning involves larger tasks which are performed periodically or every six months. For instance, regular daily vacuuming of carpets is a typical aspect of janitorial services; while total thorough cleaning of the entire building is a specialized aspect of commercial janitorial services. Some of the other tasks included in janitorial services are dusting of furniture, scrubbing flooring, cleaning air conditioner units, etc. Janitorial services may also include cleaning kitchens and bathrooms of the establishment.

While hiring janitorial services you need to make sure that they are fully aware with all the duties and obligations of the job. The first thing that you need to consider is the operating hours of the company, which generally depends on the size of the company and the amount of work they have. If the company works on weekdays then their operating hours are generally restricted to office opening hours. However, if the company operates on a bi-weekly basis then their working hours may extend from Monday to Friday. You should therefore consider the operating hours before hiring them.

When considering for janitorial services then consider whether they provide the basic cleaning tasks as well as some advanced cleaning tasks. There are many janitorial services companies who offer both basic and advanced cleaning tasks along with the janitorial cleaning products. Most companies provide the basic products like brooms, mops, towels, etc. However, there are many companies who specialize in providing specialized products such as window cleaning, granite and marble polishing, floor and tile cleaning, and the likes.

Another thing that you should consider is the equipment provided by the janitorial services. Most janitorial services provide a cleaning truck, which they use to do the cleaning jobs. However, there are few companies who provide an all-in-one cleaning solution for doing all the cleaning jobs including the de-greasing of the cooking equipment and microwave ovens. There are some companies who even offer to clean your oven’s, defrost ovens, microwaves and so on. However, if you are looking for some companies who provide such services then it would be better if you narrow down your search by short listing janitorial services according to the price and the scope they cover.

The next step would be the cleaning tools and equipment that they use for doing the job. It is essential to know what each of the janitorial services use to help you determine how good the service provider actually is. Some companies make use of vacuum cleaners with a brush while others prefer to use a vacuum cleaner that includes a power wand for cleaning the hard to reach places. Some companies prefer to use dusters while others prefer to use a broom or dusters. The only way to determine this is to personally go and have a look at the tools and equipment provided by the company.

A company providing janitorial services may also want to know about your cleaning needs and requirements. This helps them assess the costs involved for providing the services that they are offering you. This makes it easier for them to calculate their charges before they begin. They can easily determine the price range of their cleaning service and at the same time can also give you suggestions based on the type of cleaning needs you have.

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