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Concrete Specialists in residence delivered an asphalt driveway that collapsed. The service delivered wasn’t particularly professional in the fact the driveway was left a huge mess and the walkway in front of the home, which were also completely cracked. I went down to offer my assistance, to which the workers showed little interest. The soil they were working on had loosened considerably and the workers didn’t seem interested in the fact I had offered my help. My wife and I ended up spending the entire weekend at our friends homes waiting for the concrete specialists to return so we could finish this job.

My friends had bought their house after a lot of work on their driveway and the overall front walkway had to be redone. We tried to negotiate with the concrete specialists but they said it was too late to change much, this being the case for a couple of years. The specialists said the problem was quite simple, the asphalt had started to lose its grip on the concrete and as a result the concrete had started to slide. Asphalt is not very soluble in water and as a result concrete begins to gradually slip away from its hold as the water continues to run off. When you add salt to the mix, this process becomes all the more violent.

The specialists suggested we get the job done by a D.I.Y. company and went on to say that the job would take a number of days to complete. Well, it certainly did, the concrete wasn’t slippage free but we were very fortunate as the driveway was right next to a creek. The job however required a good amount of manpower. There were several large trucks and dump trucks used to make the driveway, along with many big skids and other large heavy machines.

After the concrete had finished we laid waterproof barriers across the entire length of the driveway, making sure to place the water mains inside the walls so water would stop running into the home. The next thing we did was to waterproof the roof above the garage. This was quite a physically demanding job, as there were large sheets of concrete sitting on top of each other and to remove them was a noisy, powerful job. Then we placed large sheets of plywood and carpet in front of the garage door and down the sides of the house. All of this gave us the ultimate guarantee that rainwater would not enter our home.

The concrete specialists knew the importance of keeping the concrete clean, so every morning they came out and did an inspection. If they spotted a few spots that needed to pump, or perhaps needed to be scraped back, or maybe needed to be smoothed out, they would scoop it all out and dispose of it properly. For the concrete walkway we had to have a very steady hand as we were walking over small gaps that would occasionally cause the concrete to fall. Otherwise it would be a slippery mess! Any way the job was done quickly and well. Once the walkway was back to normal, the concrete specialists knew they had done a good job that day.

When it comes to concrete work, you have no alternatives but to go to professionals when you have a concrete project underway. They are experienced, skilled and courteous. And most importantly they know your job needs a lot of planning and attention to detail. When it comes right down to it, concrete is expensive and concrete works are always going to cost a lot of money. It is better to leave it to the experts when it comes to such a major project, as their prices will more than balance out the savings you get. After all, they do come with a guarantee.

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