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Why Mick Taylor Left the Stones

Many people can stay in one place for a long time until the place is known to be part of their life meaning of such people decide to leave the place it may seem to be strange. Mick Taylor explains why he left the rolling stones and everyone is interested to know why. Being a great guitarist who was the lead for the rolling stones for about five years, it is obvious he had made a mark and leaving was a great deal that had to be noticed by all those with interest in rolling stones and in him. Mick Taylor played on the stones classic albums where he made a huge impact because the albums were huge and great. He explains how everything was great especially when he joined until they started to pull pranks on him leaving him embarrassed and looking the odd one out.

Some pranks may seem fun but can heart break someone deep inside and therefore it is important that when you pull a prank on someone, you be careful on whether they will be comfortable with it. This means that some pranks can turn out to be very serious, heartbreaking and can bring adverse and undesirable outcomes. In that regard, you need to make sure that some pranks do not interfere with one’s morale and general performance. Such incidents as one of his team mates farting on his hand and rubbing on Taylor’s face could be one of the disgusting reasons he left the rolling stones. The incident where he almost lost his testicle when one of his group members hit him from behind concluded his time there. This is the time he decided enough is enough and he made his mind that it was time for him to call it quits. He almost lost the testicle though doctors did their best to ensure it was saved.

Taylor’s ordeal can explain how some simple incidents may break a serious group with very great performance ability. The little things that people do to each other matter and this is the reason there is need that clear and strict rules and regulations need to be put to govern groups with a specific goal to avoid having them break for simple reasons as pranks. A lead guitarist leaving his performance group because of pranks and overextended jokes is a serious thing that does not need to happen. It is also important to understand that such pranks can cause serious damages like Taylor almost losing his testicle. In this regard there is need to pick lessons that as a professional performing group there is need to make sure that there are no such dangerous pranks that may bring undesirable results to a performing group as such. It is terrible and embarrassing to always look like the odd one out especially in public where you are performing for your fans. In that regard, ensure that pranks are not extended up to the extent where they may interfere with performance of you’re the entire ream.

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