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Tips for Deck Restoration

There are many options for deck restoration. From purchasing a brand new deck, to repairing an existing deck, or even repairing damaged wood, there are many ways to go about restoring your deck. Wood deck restoration can either be an easy project, or an extensive project depending upon the condition and age of your deck. If your deck is just several years old, perhaps it can just require a new coat of stain and a light cleaning to bring it back to its former beauty. However, if your deck has been deteriorating over time, it will require a thorough and serious deck restoration process.

Regardless of the condition of your deck, there are certain steps that must be taken to properly restore it. First, you will need to determine what type of wood deck restoration you need to complete. There are many different wood types, including cedar, redwood, hemlock, and pine. Depending upon the type of wood deck restoration that you want to do, the process will vary accordingly. If you want to restore cedar wood decking, for example, you’ll have different wood restoration methods than if you want to restore redwood decking.

The next step in deck restoration is sanding, painting, staining, or sealing the wood. Before any of these steps are done, the area must be thoroughly cleaned to prevent damage from occurring during the next section of the process. For instance, the sanding step will prevent cracking, peeling, or warping. The painting step will prevent algae or mold from forming; the sanding step will prevent splintering and breaking; and the staining will bring forth the bright, radiant color of the wood.

Once the area has been cleaned, the next step in deck restoration is painting or staining. For the purpose of the painting process, you will use a pressure washer, pressure sprayer, or even a hand pressure washer. Depending upon your individual preference, you can use an air compressor or a gas-powered paint sprayer as well. When applying the paint or stain deck restoration product, you should mix it thoroughly with water in order to make sure that the consistency is right for the area you are applying it to.

When applying the stain or paint to the wood decking, you should only mix it on the surface you wish to stain. Using too much water or any other type of cleaning agents can actually cause the stain to become thicker and last longer than you originally intended. When deciding which type of stain or paint to use, you should consider the climate, the lighting, and any other unusual factors in the area. You should also take into account the type of wood decking that you have. Different wood decking will require different types of stain or paint.

The first coat of protection is typically applied using an air compressor or a power washer. The pressure from these tools will help to draw the air through the wood and apply the coating to the deck boards. The second coat will be applied using a roller or brush. This coating is meant to help the wood to seal against the elements, like rain, snow, and sunlight.

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