Condo in Toronto or a House

Should I invest in a condo or maybe a house in Toronto? Actually, which is the question faced by numerous beginners that are taking their first steps into your real estate investment industry. People, whorrrre looking to obtain a property for living purposes, also can ask this question. Everything is dependent upon location, lifestyle and, obviously, budget. In this blog, we’ll present you with some kind of comparison – condo vs house in Toronto? Hopefully, this will assist come up with the correct answer and prepare a smart choice.
Pros and Cons of Buying a Condo in Toronto


  • A condo can be a cheaper option to a house. So, you must consider a rental property if the budget doesn’t allow you to purchase a more expensive house.
  • The vast majority of condos in Toronto feature additional amenities for instance bowling alleys, gyms, private pools, hd theaters, party rooms and many others. You’ll get the simple access to each one of these amenities if you purchase a condo. So, commemorate a lot of sense for you to think about condo if you’d like these types of amenities.
  • You’ll need to pay less for insurance if you purchase a condo. You need to know that traditionally condo corporations insure condo’s walls. So, you will need to pay only $20 – $25 monthly to your condo insurance.


  • If you obtain a condo, then you’ll definitely have limited liveable space.
  • Also, you must deal with neighbors if you live in an apartment. That means that you should follow certain rules and policies when living in an apartment. So, your freedom will probably be limited.

Pros and Cons of Buying a House in Toronto


  • A house provides you with more space and privacy. So, it could be better that you can consider a home if you need a living property for just a big family.
  • A house provides more freedom. In other words, you’ll have an opportunity to personalize your dream home.
  • Another huge advantage of buying a property is that you simply won’t have difficulties with neighbors.


  • If you choose to invest in a house, then you will definitely must pay more for property maintenance. You’ll be forced to pay for cleaning services, plumbing companies, electrical services and landscaping services alone.
  • You might have unexpected costs if you decide to purchase a house in Toronto. Your house can have leaky roof, flooded basement, sewage problems, etc. And naturally, you should be very careful to stop these kinds of unexpected surprises.
  • Keep in mind that you may have to renovate bathrooms and kitchen, upgrade plumbing, replace electrical outlets and wiring in a very newly renovated house. If you are going to invest in a house which should be repaired or renovated, then a costs increases dramatically.
  • Buying a property also means higher insurance charges. If you are planning to get a house in Toronto, then you should be happy to pay about $100 – $150 on a monthly basis to an insurance carrier.

Who Should Buy a Condo in Toronto?

A condo is the ideal choice for those Toronto residents who can’t afford to purchase an expensive house. You should also obtain a condo should you not want to pay high property maintenance costs. If you get a condo, you’ll not need to buy property maintenance and repairs, upgrades, renovations, etc. Are you an engaged lifestyle enthusiast? If so, you should consider a flat with facilities like gym, pool, etc. These types of amenities is likely to make it possible that you should enjoy sport activities everyday.

Who Should Buy a House in Toronto?

You should definitely get a house if freedom and independence means a great deal to you. A house is usually a good choice for those who wish to have control over design. You’ll be able to design your property and decorate your exterior design is likely to style. On the other hand, you ought not forget that you have to be happy to pay more if you wish to obtain a house.

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